Our theme for the Conference is Looking up, Looking out and Looking forward. Looking up to God & Jesus in trust, love and in worship. Looking out for each other and for the community we live in. Looking forward to a wonderful new world with Jesus as our King.

Our main speakers and sessions for the week are:

John Launchbury:

Writing the New Testament: regaining a sense of immediacy of the events that provoked the writing of the New Testament.

Matt Norton:

Daniel 1-6 - A study that focuses on the way Daniel rose to the challenge of sacrificing himself for the nation/his people…he gave himself like Christ

Craig Blewett:

Door series - There are many times in the gospels that we read about Jesus entering into a house. While the stories are interesting, a greater lesson lies beneath this. It’s an insight into what happens (or should happen) when we invite Jesus into our lives. “Behold, I stand at the door...”