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Men's Breakfast

Dear men and lads,
We are planning on having a special Sunday breakfast on the first Sunday, 12th April.
This will involve an 8:15am start, followed by a bacon and egg roll, juice, yogurt and fruit.
During this natural food, we will have some spiritual food in the form of a small Meditation on “Looking Up”.
This is a gathering just for men and older lads, to meet and get to know other men and lads at the conference.
Please book your space/spaces for the appropriate amount of family members that will have attending.
If you think you will be wanting more than one roll, please indicate, and pay for more.
Also remember that the Men with the Master weekend will be on 2 weeks after the conclusion of the conference, from Friday 1st May. All men and older lads are welcome to attend this too. Registration is via the MwM website: