Matt Norton

Daniel stands almost unique as one of the few Bible books that take place during a period of judgment (many books foretell it, and a few look back on it). From a youth, Daniel faithfully negotiates his way through various negative experiences in captivity and gains the significant personal victory of outliving Babylon. His book makes it clear that the true God still reigns supreme over heaven and earth even when all seems lost and the consequences of sin are overwhelming. If you have ever endured the consequences of sin (yours or others) and felt as though God had distanced himself and left you stranded in a strange world, then Daniel shows a path through. Through his stories, Daniel's example reveals the secret to finding a personal reason to continue serving God faithfully in a world without any clear and immediate solutions to the problems that get us down.

1. Outliving Babylon (Dan 1)

Babylon stands as a symbol of the power of sin in our lives. When Daniel confronts and outlives this adversary, it gives us the insight of how to do the same.

2. Cometh the hour cometh the man (Dan 2)

Daniel arrives at the heavy realisation that God plans for him to be the leader and saviour of his people. He accepts, without hesitation.

3. Babylon’s Last Supper (Dan 5)

Belshazzar weakly attempts to reinstitute Babylon’s grand plan to enculturate God’s people. His plan fails miserably and Daniel takes charge.

4.To the End (Dan 6)

Daniel continues into his late years serving God and sacrificing for his people.


Brother Matt Norton has been married to his wife Jodie for 25 years, has six children and they all attend the Gosford Ecclesia on the NSW Central Coast.  Matt is an English teacher by profession currently at Heritage College, Cooranbong. Matt loves all types of sports, especially football (with the round ball!). He has spoken at many Bible weeks, in Australia and overseas, and is looking forward to sharing some ideas with us on the life of Daniel (chs 1-6).