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Ladies' Fellowship Afternoon





“A Memoir of Things Hoped For”  

A dance and musical play in the Murray Centre theatre followed by afternoon tea in The Village at Conference

Sunday, 12th April : 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Faith is living, and living things must change. If God delights to transform a little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, what beauty will he make of our little faith — even if the transformation is hard? Ladies of all ages are invited to gather at the Murray Centre for an afternoon of spiritual encouragement, praise and fellowship.  

A Memoir of Things Hoped For is a drama, dance and musical that explores the lifelong journey of spiritual transformation to which we are called, even though the path is different for all of us. Follow the story of an ordinary woman as she reflects on her life and faith, from the simple black-and-white of childhood, through the turbulence of adulthood’s challenges and into new vistas of grace.   Afterwards, please enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea in the Village to meet with friends old and new, because faith is not a journey taken alone!

If you are a woman of God—newborn or well travelled, unshakable in faith or trudging through doubt—please join us. We hope that you will see pieces of your own story and feel inspired as a woman who has the amazing privilege of navigating mortal life in company with the God of the universe.