In line with conferences since 1998 the Conference attendance is “open to all brothers and sisters who meet under the 1958 Unity Basis as expressed in Pages 13-15 of the Unity Book, without addition or further explanation.”

The AACE document Conference Guidelines Dec 2010, item 3, supports this basis of fellowship. The Guidelines also state, at item 2 “The expectation is that as many brothers and sisters as possible from across the broad spectrum of ecclesias within the Central Fellowship be invited to participate.”

It is hoped all ecclesias will support the Conference to enhance our association together in Jesus - whose life and love has made all this possible.

The Conference will also be govered by the the Child & Vulnerable Adult Policy & Procedure of the Adelaide Christadelphian Ecclesia Incorporated.

Submissions for elective sessions are welcome in accordance with the Conference 2020 Elective Sessions Policy.