Elective Sessions

As part of our diverse Conference program, registered attendees will have opportunity to attend four Elective Sessions scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the Conference week.

As you will see from the schedule below, there are a variety of topics and presenters to provide something of interest and benefit for everyone.  To see more information on each individual topic, please click on the hyperlink.  For those who want to print off the schedule showing below, it is available here.  The full list of sessions with topic spiels is also available for download here.

To secure a place at one of those sessions will require registration via a ticketing system found on the ‘product’ page of this website.  You will be able to book one ticket for each of the four elective session times.  Ticketing will be opened in March. Stay tuned for the date. 

As there will be no opportunity for online exchanges, we encourage you to carefully choose the sessions that best suit you.  There may, however, be opportunity to swap tickets with other attendees during conference week.

Many of the sessions will be limited to classroom size.  If there is a particular session you would really like to attend we encourage you to get your ticket early.  There will be at least one session in the Main Auditorium area on Monday and Thursday for those who have not obtained tickets to just attend on the day.  If other sessions are not full it will also be possible to attend without a ticket.

In accordance with the elective policy, it should be understood that not every session will suit the preference or need of every conference attendee.  As such, conference attendees will be requested to thoughtfully choose a session which is helpful to their growth and development, respecting that choices may be different for others.

The Conference Village will also be open during elective sessions for those who would like to use it.



Elective Session 1 - Mon 11.30am

Elective Session 2 - Mon 3.30pm

Elective Session 3 - Tues 3.30pm

Elective Session 4 - Thurs 11.30am

Scripture & 


The Atonement in Daily Life, Greg Palmer Jesus: the Man for all Seasons, Liz O'Toole Jesus through Isaiah 53, Geoff Watson How is Crucifixion the Fulfilment of the Law?  David Oosthuisen
God’s New Move: The New Covenant, the Spirit of His Son, and Paul’s “New Way", Michael Edgecombe

You are what you write, Adam Byrnes

(this is the suggested option for young people)

Real Motivation for Baptism and Beyond, Paul Yearsley

(this is the suggested option for young people)

Everyday Blessings: Does God want us to be Happy? Lucy Dangerfield
God's Prescription for Wellbeing, Heather Kennett A God-centred Gospel, David Hermann Strategies for growing our faith in 2020, Kent Wilson   



A Personal Journey from Law to Grace, Nicky Blewett Dealing with Grief, Sue Hicks and 4 individual presenters Australia's Natural Disasters - Chaos & Community, Dan Morgan From Christian to Christ in, Craig Blewett

Understanding and Managing Depression, Matt Hocking

  Ageing & Spirituality, Cathy Strachan Living with Parkinson's Disease, Jon O'Neill and Ian Russell


of Today

Faith, Hope and A.I., David Hill Postmodernism and the Truth about God, Sam Dando God-enomics, Mark McLean Evidence for the Resurrection, Dave Burke

History &


Constantinople: City of Mystique, Sid Levett Our Iranian Brothers and Sisters in Turkey, Trevor Gore and Garry Hindmarsh Archaeology Finds, Daniel Edgecombe Formation & Function of Scripture, Wendy Johnsen
Biblical Archaeology, Stephen Hughes    
Music   Space to Share and Worship, Darren Jurevicius   Choral Workshop, Conference Music Committee



Dealing with Disagreement, Ken Pooley

(this is the suggested option for young people)

Ecclesial Child Safety Management, AACE Representative  

Church: Version 2.0, Phil & Lizzy Pooley

(this is the suggested option for young people)

Outreach Days for Girls, Judy Palmer, Jane Samwell, Kelly Butler Tears for Timor, Gillian Pooley Mercy & Truth in Vanuatu, Jeannie Barton  
Prophecy   Revelation 17 - United Europe Sign of the Coming of Christ, Neville Rice Revisiting the Ezekiel Temple, Peter Roberts  

Electives have been selected according to the Electives Session Policy Guidelines.  For further information, contact the Chair of the Spiritual Committee. Bro. Ben Saxon Email: Spiritual@adelaide2020.com.au