Elective Sessions

As part of our diverse Conference program, attendees will have opportunity to register to attend four Elective Sessions scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the Conference week.

These sessions will be led by a variety of presenters and involve different formats including lecture styled talks, workshops, interactive presentations and group discussions.  It is intended that the categories and topics (shown below) will provide something of interest and benefit for everyone.  

More information on each elective session, including session leaders and spiels, will soon be made available.

In accordance with the elective policy, it should be understood that not every session will suit the preference or need of every conference attendee.  As such, conference attendees will be requested to thoughtfully choose a session which is helpful to their growth and development, respecting that choices may be different for others.

Electives have been selected according to the Electives Session Policy Guidelines.  For further information, contact the Chair of the Spiritual Committee. Bro. Ben Saxon Email: Spiritual@adelaide2020.com.au