Elective Sessions

As part of our exciting program, Conference attendees will have opportunity to elect to attend FOUR out of over 30 Elective sessions running at four different times during the Conference week.

These sessions include a variety of presenters, topics and formats. They will be smaller groups than the main studies with about eight running simultaneously. They will include workshops, talks, interactive presentations, group discussions, etc. The wide variety of subjects on offer means there is something to interest everyone.

Some of the topics you can expect to see in the program are:

  • Biblical Archaeology
  • Evidence for the Resurrection
  • Postmodernism and the Truth of God
  • Mindfulness and Discipleship
  • Dealing with Disagreement
  • Atonement for Everyday Life
  • Revelation – an approach as ancient as the Scriptures
  • You are what you Love
  • Bearers, Carers and Sharers
  • Church Version 2.0
  • Choir Workshop
  • Constantinople – City of Mystique
  • Formation & Function of Scripture: culture, conversation and canon
  • The Grace Life
  • Dealing with Grief
  • Faith, Hope and A.I.
  • Revising Ezekiel’s Temple
  • Mary Magdalene


More information will appear on the web-site later this year.

 Electives have been selected according to the Electives Session Policy Guidelines.  For further information, contact the Chair of the Spiritual Committee. Bro. Ben Saxon Email:: Spiritual@adelaide2020.com.au