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Conference 2020 Elective Sessions Policy


 Elective Sessions, also known as variety sessions, provide conference attendees with an alternative to the traditional main hall speaker/audience plenary sessions. It is intended that they include a variety of topics, formats and presenters to cater for a broad spectrum of needs.

The Conference 2020 Spiritual Committee will oversee the administration and selection of the Elective program in accordance with these guidelines. The guidelines provide information about topics, format and the way in which individuals can make submissions to the Conference 2020 Elective program. It also provides information about how sessions will be selected and the timeframes involved. It should be understood that not every session will suit the preference or need of every conference attendee. As such, conference attendees will be requested to thoughtfully choose a session which is helpful to their growth and development, respecting that choices may be different for others.

Policy Guidelines

1. Elective session topics can include:

a. Scriptural studies
b. Meditative devotions
c. Outreach initiatives
d. Music and praise
e. Testimonials / personal stories
f. Community policy / strategy (e.g. child protection)
g. Personal development
h. Practical psychology
i. Skill / talent development

2. Elective session formats can include:

a. Lecture
b. Interactive talk
c. Workshop
d. Group presentation (TED talks). For example:

• Different views on a particular Scriptural topic
• Short talks containing personal content on a particular theme
• Panel interview

3. Submissions for the Elective program will be sought through Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias and will be accepted from individuals who have registered or intend registering for Conference 2020. Submissions can come from individuals wishing to lead or coordinate a session or individuals wishing to make suggestions for topics or session leaders.

4. Individuals (or groups) wishing to submit an Elective must provide the following information:

a. Proposed title
b. Information about the chosen topic - up to 250 words (refer Guideline 1)
c. Intended format (refer Guideline 2)
d. Specific needs, for example:

• Data projector
• Whiteboard
• Photocopying for handouts

e. Intended audience, for example:

• Open to all attendees
• Open to a specific group or groups (e.g. youth, brothers, sisters, aged)
• Preferred group size

f. Answers to the following questions concerning the session’s purpose:

• How does this topic positively contribute to the Christadelphian community?
• How does this topic help individuals develop and grow in the service of Jesus?

5. Submissions must be sent to bro. Ben Saxon, Chair - Spiritual Committee at by 31 July 2019.

6. Submissions will be evaluated and accepted according to the following criteria:

a. Acceptable response to the ‘purpose’ questions (see Guideline 4.f.);
b. Fits with the balance of topics and formats required to meet a broad spectrum of needs;
c. Fits with venue limitations and other logistical issues; and
d. Generates sufficient interest by registered attendees.

7. Session leaders will be informed of their appointment or otherwise by 31 August 2019 and will be required to provide a final title and precis by 30 September 2019 which will be made available to attendees for selection.


bro. Ben Saxon, Chair - Spiritual Committee