Blog posts of '2020' 'February'

A Night of Worship



A Night of Worship through songs, visuals and dance

Friday 17th April

Come join us on a journey of worship, where we start with the theme of looking up. Here
we worship God from the beginning of creation. Then our focus shifts to where we seek out
those around us who need Jesus in their liv...

Men's Breakfast
Dear men and lads,
We are planning on having a special Sunday breakfast on the first Sunday, 12th April.
This will involve an 8:15am start, followed by a bacon and egg roll, juice, yogurt and fruit.
During this natural food, we will have some spiritual food in the form of a small Me...
Ladies' Fellowship Afternoon





“A Memoir of Things Hoped For”  

A dance and musical play in the Murray Centre theatre followed by afternoon tea in The Village at Conference

Sunday, 12th April : 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Faith is living, and living things must change. If God delights to transform a...

Devotional Evening



Looking Out & Looking In 

Devotional Evening - Monday 13th April 2020

Conferences can be busy and so can life.  Most of us know we need to take time out to recharge through rest, quietness and meditation but many struggle to achieve it.  

The devotional evening is an opportunity to s...

Day Outings



Conference Day Outings

(In March you will be told how to select your choices for the below day outings).

Port River Dolphin Cruise - Cost $30 per person

We invite you to join us on a Port River Dolphin Cruise as we travel along the historic Port River on one of our many Dolphin Cruises. On ...