Adelaide 2020 Conference

I’m here to invite you to Adelaide in 2020 to wonderful Westminster College, April the 11th to the 18th where we can have fellowship and learning together. The theme is going to be Looking Up, Looking Out, and Looking Forward. It’s designed for youth, families, couples, singles, those who are new in the faith and those well established and those who may be struggling.


The Adelaide 2020 conference is going to focus on looking up to God and Jesus in trust and in love and worship. Looking out for each other and for the community we live in to spread the wonderful gospel message and to engage with them. And looking forward to a wonderful new world with Jesus as our King. We have a bracket of engaging and exciting speakers from overseas and Australia. These speakers will lead us and open our eyes to new visions and challenge us to see life from new perspectives leading a vibrant program filled with opportunities to worship.


So come to Adelaide for a week of love, unity and fellowship, spiritual growth and worship, and stay on for a holiday in beautiful South Australia.


May God bless your journey.


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