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The Adelaide 2020 Conference Cancellation - 20/06/2020

The Adelaide 2020 Christadelphian Conference was to be held 11-18 April 2020 and was to be the 52nd such Australia wide Conference, 108 years after the first one was held in 1912 in Sydney. This was not to be, and the Conference was cancelled just 3 weeks before it was to start due to the regulations of the Australian Government prohibiting large gatherings due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Sad though this was for all those who had planned this for over two years, we are accepting of God’s plans for us in all aspects of our lives. For those brothers and sisters (from 11 local Ecclesias) who had worked so hard on the dozen sub-committees, it was obviously a great disappointment to find that this Conference (with 1,000 registered and 150 on the waiting list) would not proceed. Yet, on reflection, accepting God’s will, there are some very positive aspects. The hard work and co-operation of all those who worked so well together, planning the week for their brothers and sisters, was both an inspiration and a lesson to us all. We are reminded of the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” No work in the Lord, undertaken to enrich all our brothers and sisters in their spiritual lives, is ever wasted or in vain, even if we do not immediately see how it fits God’s plans.

Should Christ delay we look forward to fellowship at a 52nd Conference in Melbourne in 2022.

Your Brother in Christ,

Andrew Powell,

Chairman, Adelaide 2020 Conference Committee.


The rest of the information on this site is now historical and archived for those interested. 


To all those registered (or on the waiting list) to attend our Adelaide 2020 Conference - 21/03/2020

Greetings to everyone in our hope in Christ.

It is with sadness that we announce that we have cancelled altogether the Adelaide 2020 Christadelphian Conference. We were reluctant to do this, however we think it is the best decision at the present time. Details of the process for refunds have been emailed to registrants and those on the wait list. A significant part of our reasons for the decision to cancel the Conference was the feeling that –

1. The COVID-19 situation has escalated rapidly and there is no certainty when it will end.

2. The venue had no available dates in 2020 or early 2021. Any alternative dates later in 2021, or indeed 2022, would impact on other conferences, youth conferences and Bible weeks unfavourably.

3. In this present world environment, we could use our energies to help and strengthen and care for the members of our Ecclesias. There was a probable urgent need seen ahead, in this COVID-19 world, for compassion, financial, spiritual and social support to focus on our local Ecclesias. We felt that some of our brothers and sisters may find themselves in difficult employment situations or financial stress in the next few months.

It is natural for us to be sad and very disappointed at this change. We need to remember that life in Christ is full of plans, many of which may not happen. At some day, known only to God, all our plans will be pointless – because Christ will have returned! We know that God expects us to continue planning because we do not know when He will return. We will certainly not be sad when He is here! We have something wonderful to look forward to, and we should cling to that.

We are very sorry to have to do this as we were all looking forward to a wonderful time of spiritual comfort in April, so we ask for your prayers for all our brothers and sisters Australia wide, and indeed worldwide, in these difficult times.

With Love in Christ Jesus,

On behalf of the Conference committees,

Andrew Powell

Chairman, Adelaide 2020 Conference Committee.


We invite you to Adelaide in 2020 to wonderful Westminster School, April the 11th to the 18th where we can have fellowship and learn together. The theme is going to be Looking Up, Looking Out, and Looking Forward. It’s designed for youth, families, couples, singles, those who are new in the faith, those well-established and those who may be struggling.

The Adelaide 2020 Conference is going to focus on looking up to God and Jesus in trust and in love and worship. Looking out for each other and for the community we live in to spread the wonderful gospel message and to engage with them. We also look forward to a wonderful new world with Jesus as our King.

We have engaging and exciting speakers from overseas and Australia. These speakers will open our eyes to new visions and challenge us to see life from new perspectives. Our vibrant program will be filled with opportunities to worship.

So come to Adelaide for a week of love, unity and fellowship, spiritual growth and worship, and stay on for a holiday in beautiful South Australia.

May God bless your journey.


Attendance at the 2020 Adelaide Conference, inline with conferences since 1998, is open to all brothers and sisters who meet under the 1958 Unity Basis as expressed in Pages 13-15 of the Unity Book, without addition or further explanation. The Adelaide 2020 Conference will also be governed by the Child & Vulnerable Adult Policy & Procedure of the Adelaide Christadelphian Ecclesia Incorporated and acceptance of this policy is also a requirement for attendance.

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